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. >> thank you. >> in afghanistan today, taliban suicide bombers they targeted fuel trucks, which set off explosions, dozens of trucks, and other supplies were destroyed the outpostis an essential border crossing. it used to resupply troops. a new russian military build up that's achording to nato, if true that casts new doubt on whether the cease fire proposed by the president request work. we have more from paul brennen on the eastern ukraine border. >> if the president's peace plan is to work, it's places like here, that he needs his message to be heard. but at this check point, on thursday, separatist militia were not in the mood for listening. the then here say they come from a local area, but their accents come from the russian side of the border. >> since his immigration, the beaches were beautiful and eloquent, but he hasn't acted on any of them. it's understandable because his actions are in control, from outside of ukraine. the off of a unilateral cease fire, and even his proposal for an amnesty, prepare to lay down their inspection, that information is simply not getting throug
buddies in afghanistan helmet province. carpenter spent two and a half years in the hospital. tonight, we'll look at what sending advisors and planning air strikes can do for the situation here but here is key moments from president obama earlier today. >> first, we are working to secure our embassy and personnel operating inside of iraq. second, at my direction, we have significantly increased our intelligence, surveillance and recognizance so we have a better picture of what is taking place inside of iraq, third, the united states will continue to increase support to iraqi security forces. american forces will not be returning to combat in iraq. but we will help iraqis as they take the fight to terrorest who threaten the iraqi people, region and american interests, as well. fourth, in recent days we've positioned additional u.s. military assets in the region. because of our increased intelligence resources, we're developing more information about potential targets associated with isil and going forward, we will be prepared to takecise military action if and when we determine the situati
for afghanistan? >> date is not universally perform badly. they performed badly in the north, in and around mosul where isil had gained a foothold in convinced some of the sunni elements. >> that was just a few of them. it was tens of thousands. >> isil turned their leaders. in the absence of leaders of the military formation, the soldiers will not stick around and wait to see what happens. collect some of the leaders of those divisions. i will tell you that when i was there from 2005 to 2007, several things were clear to me. we could equip them to fight. it would be harder to give them the logistics architectures. but we did. the hardest thing of all, as i say now, is to build leaders and have those leaders supported >> have those supported. to you question -- and by the way, there are still many iraq security forces, multi confessional, not just one sect or another who are standing and fighting. but the entire enterprise is at risk. >> host: what do you make of that? >> guest: i think they are saying we did train them so they had the skill set to fight and be successful but you have don't t hav
. this date is the official end of operations in afghanistan. it gives the president and congress sufficient time to determine what if any funds that would be needed to replace the 2001 aumf. the fact of the matter is, the world has changed dramatically in the aftermath of the horrific tragedy of september 11, 2011. i could not vote for an authorization, because i knew then that that would provide a blank check to wage war any time, anywhere for any purpose. and for any length. 13 years later, this authorization is still on the books. now according to the congressional research service, there are over 30 known instances in the executive branch to engage in hostilities or deploy. we list 30 instances where the aumf has been invoked by president bush and president bama to deploy troops in orgia and a conduct military commissions, which this resolution served as the legal yuves for. not president bush, not president obama nor future president can be handed such broad authority to wage war with no oversight. president obama has stated he looks forward to engage in congress and the american peopl
the will to fight abroad. iraq and afghanistan have drained us. mr. obama is basically a man of theory, not action. a person who avoids evil rather than confronting it. and the evil doers, know it. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction. joining us from the white house fnc's top guy there. ed henry. you made the point earlier today, it's an interesting point, by sending u.s. advisors to iraq now, president obama is actually contradicting himself. explain that. >> well, because today he blamed nory al maliki the iraqi prime minister for the reason the president did not leave any u.s. troops behind in iraq at the end of 2011. he said we couldn't get a status of forces agreement. we couldn't get legal immunity for u.s. troops if god forbid they got in hostile situation and killed iraqi civilian they could get thrown in jail. reasonable issue. he didn't take a shouted question on the way out the door whether we now have a status of forces agreement or immunity which we clearly don't have. white house officials later told us well, look, they don't need it in this case because the
-old marine veteran who showed courage and sacrifice during a fire fight with the taliban in afghanistan 4 years ago received the nation's highest military award today from president obama. retired corporal william carpenter was deck decorated for w the highest honor for protecting a fellow marine. he spent 2-1/2 years recovering. >> you saved your brother in arms, you displayed a heroism in the blink of an eye that will inspire for generations. valor worthy of the highest military deckersion, the medal of honor -- decoration the medal of honor. >> doctors didn't think he would survive at all. he required 40 surgeries for a collapsed run, a shattered arm and fractured fingers and skin graphs and lost sight in his right eye and today he said it taught him an important lesson. >> freedom is a powerful and beautiful thing. be thankful for what you have, appreciate the small and simple things. be kind and help others. >> some say his recovery is nothing short of a miracle. he skis, snowboards and has done sky diving and he is a marathon runner and a student at the university of south carolina
in the u.s. military. from being on the ground in afghanistan before the actual invasion, to the now legendary bin laden operation in the spring of 2011 conducted by s.e.a.l. team 6, to just this week's successful extraction of ahmed abu khattala from libya, who allegedly helped lead that deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. military units like s.e.a.l. team 6 and delta force have been overwhelmingly successful in their missions. because of this, there's a temptation to view american special forces as a solution to just about all military problems without really calling on military action. joining me now, spencer ackerman, u.s. national security editor for "the guardian" and someone who used to be in the special forces, former navy s.e.a.l. brandon webb. he's now editor of sofrep.com. features news and analysis from military and special ops vets. brandon, let me start with you. if you're dropped into iraq under these conditions, i mean, what possible influence can you imagine having given the scale of the chaos there? >> well, we have to remember, you know, this is a miss
or afghanistan, and i think that obviously has to be taken into account. >> and they are very concerned about mission creep. >> they are, but on the other hand, the president is sitting on the lowest approval rating of any president since i have been in washington for his foreign-policy. 37% in "the wall street journal" this week, and that is astonishing. there is a slight -- i believe that the american people are on to the fact that we have not been as -- we are showing some weakness. >> right, but they are also asking, "ok, we launch airstrikes now, which is difficult in urban areas anyway. we help the iraqi government now. what happens in six months? what happens in three years? are we going to stay there forever?" >> know, and that is the second ring of the three concentric and that is the second ring. i'm glad secretary kerry is going to iraq. one thing i learned is that the iraqis need america to broker these kinds of deals. they cannot do it on their own because of the various historic tensions. they need somebody at the level of the secretary of state. i think he, hopefully, will spen
in to afghanistan. so foreign minist-- fundamental right. what is happening is the unravelling of the political order that the colonials put in place after world war i. now if the people of the region, especially now we're talking about the heart of the arab world, iraq and syria. if they decide and opt for partition, that is their call. i think it would be very destabilizing, but there's no way that, you know, this can be dictated from outside. what can be done is that there seems to be supposedly a consensus in iraq that sunnis and shiite and the kurds would prefer to remain in one state. but that is being tested severely by isis's campaign. >> ambassador thanks so much for your incite. you certainly have a lot of it. founding director of the baker institution of rice university. >>> america's thirst for oil sometimes conflicts with a thirst for something else, water. coming up, i'll show you how the energy boom has put oil and water on a collision course. and the one time small politicians who has just become one of the most powerful politicians in america. that's coming up next. the perform
which is sshlle what we've done in iraq and in afghanistan. >> spider, what's your response? >> erin, let me respond to doug. and doug, it's great to see you again. the issue in my mind is the broader notion of a failed state in iraq. i don't disagree with doug on several of his points. but if past is prologue, we've seen illiteral thugs that have caused damage to the united states before and clearly the united states has to be leaning forward in terms of its intelligence collection in order to see that threat possibly coming again. and we can't allow that to occur any more than it is right now in iraq. so the notion of maliki in exile someplace, if it were to occur, possibly tehran, really puts us on a path that has far greater challenges. so i think at this point, the notion of pushing back against isis is a logical and a measured step that has to take place. and what we're seeing right now, erin, is certainly intelligence collection and building before we can begin to strike. >> thanks very much to both of you. the conversation being had in homes around the country tonight. >>> le
. >> marine cor corporal william e carpenter today became eighth living veteran of combat in afghanistan to receive the medal honor during a 2020 firefight in afghanistan, carpenter fell on a grenade to shield a fellow marine from the blast. he spend 2 tpha*f 2 1/2 years ie hospital, the doctors rebuilt his owned about. he said his marines areas -- the years in the continue put things in perspective. >> we're coming right back. >> benghazi ston stonewall lois lerner's vanished e-mails charles: more obstacles in effort to recover lois lerner's missing e-mails at irs, telling that irs threw out and recycleed ed the hard drives that lerner and 6 others grouped while targeting tea party groups. saying it is standard government procedure to discare card damagd hard drives. her computer allegedly crashed in 2011, computer expert say those e-mails are nonetheless, backed up and retrieve able at some points after some effort, republicans are not buying the irs's excuses accusing agency of lying, to the american people, and congress. and caring out an out right coff cover-up. >> 5 time emmy awar
what happened in 9/11 when such a state arose in afghanistan and the enemy was allowed to be able to harbor, train and prepare for missions against the united states. third of all, we want to reduce iranian influence in the nation. iran is an enemy of the united states. it is a sworn enemy of israel. we should not allow iran's influence in this vital part of the world to grow. we have a clear strategic interest after 9/11 in making certain that no additional terror threats grow like they are growing today. >> well, to meet all three of those puts us right back in the soup. puts us right back in iraq with both feet. >> no, it doesn't. it need not do that and, particularly, if we give the right kind of support in the right kind of measure, this doesn't require us -- look, we had won that battle. we had won the battle and largely the president was correct when he depicted iraq as a reasonably stable, reasonably democratic country moving in the right direction. it would have kept moving in the right direction had he done what american presidents, democrat and republican have done sinc
. this is not iraq. and this is not afghanistan. >> and here was obama just today, on iraq. >> what's clear from the last decade is the need for the united states to ask hard questions before we take action abroad. particularly military action. >> look, we know that he thinks bush made mistakes. but this isn't 2006. it's time for obama to finally become his own person, and make the right decisions for america. and in iraq, bush's once again leading obama towards dangerous inaction. >> i have to say i don't get it. what is wrong with understanding the consequences of going to war before you actually go to war. >> absolutely nothing. >> and that's exactly what the president is doing. the strategic blunders, the greatest strategic blunder in the history of this country was going to war without knowing the consequences in iraq. and that's going to impact not just this president, but presidents for decades. >> clearly. >> because george bush is going to be walking around the halls or living in the white house for decades. >> we'll see. >> in the crossfire tonight, representatives loretta sanchez, a c
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represents the very best of this country. he was severely wounded while serving in afghanistan. he wasn't expected to live and thought he was dying himself, and as the president said today his heroism will inspire for generations. we get a look at his story tonight from nbc's peter alexander. >> reporter: kyle carpenter shouldn't be alive, not cruising down an open road, not returning to classes at the university of south carolina this fall. >> i've been given a second chance to do good things and enjoy the life and the second chance i've been blessed with. >> reporter: he's 24 now but marine corporal carpenter was just 21 when he earned the medal of honor. that's him in afghanistan helmand province, a taliban stronghold where an enemy grenade explode on the roof where he and another marine were standing guard. what was running through your head? >> i felt like warm water was being poured all over me which was my blood. after that i thought of my family and how devastate that had they were going to be and how upset they were going to be that i was killed in afghanistan. >> reporter: car
for the medal of honor for service in iraq and afghanistan. >>> if you have bought a lottery ticket is the store owner telling you the truth when they tell you you didn't win. >>> so many of us doing spring cleaning this time this year but does it look like this? tonight what it takes to spruce up the sky walk at the grand canyon. you got to see this coming up. for your bravery. yu thank you colonel. thank you daddy. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance can be one of them. if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. oh no. who are you? daddy, this is blair, he booked this room with priceline express deals and saved a ton. i got everything i wanted. i always do. he seemed nice. smoking with chantix. for 33 years i chose to keep smoking... ...because it was easier to smoke than it was to quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it's a non-nicotine pill. chantix reduced the urge for me to smoke. it ac
dream. >> marine corporal kyle carpenter was injured in afghanistan when he fell in the great made to protect a fellow marine. today he was awarded the congressional medal of honor at a white house ceremony. after the ceremony corporal carpenter talked to reporters in the white house briefing room. this is 25 minutes. ♪ ♪ see ladies and gentlemen the president of the united states and mrs. michelle obama accompanied by medal of honor recipient corporal william kyle carpenter. ♪ ♪ ♪ see if you would please pray with me. almighty god we posit the beginning of this historic event to ask for your presence in this place. i love your spirit to move among all of us gathered here that as we give honor to one who demonstrated the virtues upon which this nation was founded, we would be reminded again of your grace that has allowed this country's freedoms that so many like corporal kyle carpenter have sacrificed to defend. god we would ask that you hear our gratitude for molding corporal carpenter's character to the love of his gracious family and the support of his countless friend
afghanistan. threats there are real. i strongly oppose his amendment and ask the house to give a strong negative vote and i eserve the balance of my time. the chair: the gentleman is recognized. mr. moran: how much time do i have remaining? the chair: the gentleman has 2 1/2 minutes. mr. moran: that's what i thought. at this point, i'd like to yield the remaining time to the distinguished member of the committee from new york, mr. nadler. the chair: the gentleman is recognized for two and a half minutes. mr. nadler: madam speaker, we are holding 154 people at guantanamo, 77 of whom have been cleared for release. they have been found guilty of nothing. are thought to be guilty of nothing. have been judged not to pose any danger. nonetheless, they're not released. there's no reason and no right for us to hold them further. the others should be brought to the united states and tried in a secure facility, tried for their offenses. mr. chairman, i wonder which of our colleagues doesn't believe in the american system of justice sni wonder which of us doesn't trust our own american courts? i w
, the taliban is going on its own offensive in afghanistan. suicide bombers attacked nato fuel trucks earlier today at the keyboarder crossing with pakistan. the border police spokesman said 37 nato trucks were destroyed. and just six were moved safely away. he said two of the attackers were killed by police, a third blew himself up. >>> back here at home, texas governor rick perry and the state's republican leadership are taking matters into their own hands tonight to deal with the growing waves of illegal immigrants coming across the southern border. casey siegel reports from dallas tonight. >> reporter: governor rick perry has had enough. he directed the texas department of public safety to launch a law enforcement surge operation at the border to the tune of $1.3 million per week. perry said in a statement, until thfederal government recognizes the danger it's putting our citizens in by its inaction to secure our border, texas law enforcement must do everything they can to keep our citizens and communities safe. what's going on has been called a humanitarian crisis. u.s. border patrol sta
to be that i was killed in afghanistan. >> reporter: you were realizing at that moment that you might well die? >> very much. >> reporter: carpenter flatlined in the medevac chopper. when he arrived at the field hospital he was labeled p-e-a, patient expired on arrival, so grievous were his wounds. what lay ahead was another grueling campaign for carpenter two-and-a-half years in hospitals and rehabilitation, dozens of surgeries, painful reconstructions and skin grafts. he says it got him down. >> but those were just a few times. going into the pre-op. so many times. getting stuck here and getting stuck there and knowing you're gonna be all cut up and bandaged up and hurting when you get out. >> reporter: you had to learn to do a lot of things again, right? normal everyday things from walking to brushing your teeth. >> well starting out, my mom brushed my teeth for a long time. and then kind of when i got to be able to do it i would and then months and months down the road i finally learned how to put my socks on so i started doing that. so it's still definitely a learning process, i mean just
crimes. he is accused of plotting and ordering attacks on western troops in afghanistan. he has been held at guantanamo for over seven years and is classified as one of 16 high-value prisoners. military prosecutor mark martins said the case against him is strong, while defense attorney james connell said the was mishandled the case of failing to bring charges for years. >> this is evidence we are confident can be proved, can prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt, which is why we bring it. i will have to leave it at that. >> what happened here is the justice process was hijacked at the cia. ,hen he came into his custody he was placed -- held in cia custody until september 2006 instead of being presented to justice system. if the tribunal will hear conspiracy charges against him since conspiracy is not considered a war crime. president obama has unveiled new measures aimed at protecting marine life from pollution and overfishing. the u.s. will create the world's largest ocean preserves by expanding federally protected waters of the pacific ocean. in a video message to the state departmen
's another brief look at your market figures. >>> a fiery gun battle has taken place in afghanistan with the taliban claiming responsibility. dhra dhirakaosal in bangkok is following the story. >> insurgents have attacked a nato post in afghanistan. dozens of fuel trucks were destroyed as militants fought a gun battle with police guards. the taliban has claimed responsibility. at least four taliban insurgents attacked a parking compound at a native base in torkham. it's on the border with pakistan and is a key supply route for international forces based in afghanistan. officials say one attacker blew himself up. police reportedly killed the others. >> translator: 37 trucks were destroyed. we managed to save 6. firefighters are trying to extinguish the blaze. >> a taliban spokesperson confirmed his forces were behind the attack. he said they are fighting to expel foreign elements and bring down the u.s.-backed kabul government. war-torn afghanistan held a presidential runoff election last saturday. scores of civilians and security officials were killed on that day alone. the killings
serves 234 afghanistan. while assigned to kosovo, he blew the whistle on what he alleged was a conspiracy to senior u.n. officials. he's experienced the u.n. policy for dealing with whistle blower retaliation firsthand and can offer insights to similar procedures. finally, robert appleton was an attorney with the u.s. department of justice before being asked to serve as chief legal counsel for the independent inquiry investigation. his distinguished surface in that role led to his being named the chairman of the u.n. procuremented task force which was responsible for investigating fraud and corruption in the u.n. peace keeping operations. due to unexpected events, he will be appearing by skype. following presentation, we'll have time for a few questions and answers from the audience. unfortunately, they were not able to provide one. without any further adieu, ed, would you lead us off here? >> sure. welcome, everyone. i just want to thaurng and the heritage foundation for inviting me today. i feel a bit of a pica here. i'm just a toiling lawyer trying to help some people in the field. but
what iraq falls into it? >> yes. >> why? >> what happened in afghanistan? >> they -- >> al qaeda just sat there. this group is worse than al qaeda, according to al qaeda. >> we're going to stop them? boots on the ground and stop them? >> there are absolutely ways to do it, and ignoring it is not the way to do it. >> how would you suggest then that america's actually going to be able to fulfill its obligation to protect the country from terrorist attack if we allow a safe haven that's erasing borders from 1916 and having all of this territory in order to bring foreign fighters to that area to fight and come back into our countries? how do you expect -- >> there are other places they will try to do that. i think we're much better equipped to do it. we have no reason except to protect -- >> except for -- >> i have no faith in being able to look at history and say the iranians and afghanis are going to be brought under control. it's absurd. >> what if it's just a lone wolf? how are you going to track them? >> i assume that the -- >> you assume. that's what bothers me. who in the world --
for generations. >> carpenter is the eighth living veteran of u.s. combat in iraq and afghanistan to receive the medal of honor. >>> a south florida postal worker delivers more than mail and now he's being called a he hero. mark, was on his route when he found a woman on the ground in front of her home. that woman, 57 years old, was yelling for help, and it turns out she was having a stroke. he called 911 and stayed with her until paramedics arrived on the scene. now he's being honored by the national association of letter carriers for his heroic actions. >> i just did what anybody would do. i'm just glad i could help. >> the woman was taken to the hospital. she was released and is doing just fine. >>> okay. it's no secret that makeup contains chemicals that could be harmful to your body. >> how can you protect your health and still look good? still ahead the makeup detox designed to clean out what you put on your face. >>> an local family says a well-known city hospital took their son's organs during an autopsy without their consent and now they want to know where those body parts are. >> a
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against our troops in afghanistan. we should be able to take at least one year to see if such conditions are adequate to support the release of such hardened terrorist commanders. what does this amendment not do? this is not a permit ban on transfers of detainees from guantanamo bay. nor does it authorize indefinite detention. it says we'll take with-on--year pause to evaluate the conditions under which five taliban commanders were released. who are these detainees? they are not goat herders who were innocently swept swept by the american military. nor are they foot soldiers. they are the worst of the worse which guantanamo bay says 120 of are high risk to return to the battle. in fact just this week, a former guantanamo bay detainee was arrested in spain, recruiting for the islamic state of iraq and syria, the terrorist group that's currently rampaging through both syria and iraq. i urge my colleagues to support this amendment, stand up for your honor as a co-equal branch, stand up for our national country, stand up for the safety of your constituents. i reserve the balance of my time.
a lot like afghanistan in the late 1990s. >> e.j., watching the president speak this afternoon, we've seen him in this position before, someone who has inherited a heavy mantel and is trying to come up with the least worst option. i wonder if we can wax a little bit philosophical about how the president has handled foreign policy crises. i want to read an observation from "the los angeles times k" t about the president's and then what approach. the syria, he solicited scores of opinion, planners, returned with possibilities and he would always reply with the same question, and then what? over the last several days with obama mulling involvement in another middle east conflict, this time in iraq, that dynamic has held. do you think the and then what approach has served the president well? >> i think the and then what approach doesn't look as good as looking terribly decisive and making a clear, sharp move, but i think especially after the the iraq war and then what is exactly the question most americans ask, and i think that president obama is very clear in believing that getting am
in afghanistan. president obama here presenting corporal kyle carpenter with a congressional medal of honor. carpenter was wounded four years ago in afghanistan when he jumped on a live grenade to save another marine. carpenter is the 11th american who served in afghanistan to receive the medal of honor. >>> a growing concern that a serious mosquito-borne illness could pop up at the jersey shore. what the cdc is doing right now to protect people, as cases continue to spread in other east coast states. >>> all new tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, taking a toll and then some. the proposal that could make your weekend trip to the beach a little more expensive. >>> and we are still watching the rain moving through the area. also, some heavy rain over baltimore. we are watching that as it gets closer to delaware. so coming up, i will show you when the rain will be out and, of course, your shore cast for the weekend. >>> this could be a big deal. researchers identified a genetic mutation that could dramatically lower triglyceride levers and lower the risk of heart attack. two studies in the new en
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with the situation in the day. the best laid plans aurchb go awry. richard engle is on the ground in afghanistan. richard, put the president's statements in context with what you're seeing on the ground there. >> here in baghdad, those statements and those actions are going to be welcomed. this is a city where a curfew is in place. there are checkpoints on almost every corner. the city has been bringing by security forces. people here are nervous that isis militants are going to attack the city or at the very least send in suicide bombs and car bombs. they want this offensive to stop. and they've been watching their own government, their own security forces not be up to the job. in fact, entire divisions of the iraqi army just melt away. and they want the u.s. to help, help get the iraqi armed forces back on the right track, carry out air strikes. this is something that they definitely want to see. because let's be totally clear about what's going to happen. the president talked about 300 or up to 300 advisers joining the advisers who are already here. these are military advisers. these are peop
in afghanistan, kyle carpenter is being recognized facebook conspicuous gallantry for his role in operations. what can you tell us. >> this is an amazing story of bravery. corporal williams put himself between a fellow marine and a grenade. and he suffered grievous injuries. loss of a third of his lower jaw, and fragment injuries to his arms and legs thanks to the quick and efficient work of the medical coreman who was there with him that today, and other marines, his life was saved and he was rush today a hospital and eventually to the walter reed medical center now in maryland where he has recuperated and today we he will be receiving the medal of honor. he is from now wood mississippi, he studied at the university of south carolina and he has since retired of the marines and preparations are now being made for the sen foye, which is occurring a bit late today because of importance announcements that president obama had to make about iraq. in which the president is talking about the possibility of sending troops into combat in another foreign country, while at the same time thanking those
if iraq turns into the old afghanistan, it is a profound effect on u.s. security. covering the other big washington story today, the house of representatives, the republicans taking some new leaders there. the president met with congressional leaders and talked about these issues. that'll seem to be pretty collegial but moments before the president spoke, the speaker of the house put out a press release, headline of which the wheels are coming off his presidency. one of the elements they listed was the situation in iraq. how restive are republicans about the president has posture before the press conference and to the extent you can anticipated, what he said today? >> from the democratic side, very restive. not speaker john boehner, mincing any words at all. mitch mcconnell also did to the floor to give his owns beach on this issue, criticizing president obama on foreign policy. what you saw on the president's part this meeting was an effort to put on the table a glare and strategy. eatinghat he has been hit by in the last couple of days and it's what he's hearing behind-the-scenes from
's marine brothers who served with him in afghanistan and through his recovery and i also want to welcome the members of the medal of honor society whose ranks of kyle joins today. kyle and his fellow marines served during the surge of forces i ordered to afghanistan early in my presidency. their mission was to drive the taliban out of their strongholds, protect the afghan people and give them a chance to reclaim their communities. kyle and his platoon were pushing their way across open fields and muddy can'tals, bearing their heavy packs, even as it could heat up to 115 degrees. in one small village, they turned a dusty compound into their base and the insurgents nearby gave their answer with sniper fire and automatic weapon fire and rocket-propelled grenades. that morning, kyle said our alarm clock was ak-47. some were heat their meals, some were planning their day's patrol. up on the roof behind the circle of sandbags two marines manned their posts. kyle and lance corporal nicholas. the come pound started to take fire. seeking cover, kyle and nick laid down low on their backs behind th
we can apply it to new decisions being made, for example, in afghanistan. but i would hope that 90% to 95% of what we spend our time on is talking about how to deal with this threat now, the one right before us. the president today announced and it's going to be covered, that they're going to send close to 300 additional american trainers and advisors into iraq. i have no direct objection to that decision. i am hopeful, however, that it but is first step in a multistep process in this counterterrorism risk that we now face. i'm hopeful that what this is designed to do is set the framework for the united states to achieve a number of important goals that directly impact the national security of the united states. the first, of course, is i believe that the united states working in conjunction with others in the region need to do everything we can to cut off isil's supply lines. many people may not be fully aware of this but ice ill, or isis, the same group involved in syria, is not simply a bunch of sunni syrians or iraqis, these are foreign fighters including hundreds that are esti
it in afghanistan and they will do it in iraq. by the way, it's not just iraq, it's a rack in syria. melissa: merry, what did you think of the take on inflation? >> one note on a iraq verse, he has his facts wrong with respect through the policy is not been the same of the last 11 years. president bush gave them a country that was stable and solid and this president abandon it three in terms of inflation, you cannot have confidence in the feds-- anyidet abandon it three in terms of inflation, you cannot have confidence in the feds-- any fed will catch inflation because they never do, so regardless of what janet yellen says she will act if we see prices rising. there is no historical evidence of that has ever been-- melissa: how we laid the groundwork for real problems? >> we keep hearing a real problem. we create an unprecedented amount of money over the last five years since the financial crisis and still-- people still buy our debt. melissa: i don't know, the cpi right now-- we are going to go. thanks to both of you. markets holding in the red as we down to close. joining us now liz claman. what
qaeda having a place to deploy from and train in. we did the same thing with afghanistan in 2001 and then again with resurgence in 2008. so if either of those were near legitimate reasons, we can see a legitimate terrorist organization about to take the last bit of sovereignty. i believe we have some type of responsibility to ourselves and to the iraqi people to ensure that a radical and murderous group of people 800 strong do not descend upon their capital and walk away the last bit of sovereignty that country has. >> i spoke to you a couple days ago. you lost both your legs fighting for our nation. i know you told me a few days ago that you would go back to make sure that all of that was not a frustrating experience, right? >> absolutely. what people never get to see are what we opened up. security and assurance we gave villagers that didn't have fox news or al jazeeraa or electricity in most places. they worked hard every day. they tried to provide for their families. they were being taken advantage of by a brainwashing group of people. i got to see that in iraq for two deploy
event, to award the medal of hopp honor t one of our afghanistan veterans. more on tonight the "nightly news." i'm brian williams for our team >>> right now at 11:00, you've been listening to president obama respond to the crisis in iraq. how he's helping the iraqi government beat back militants. >>> plus, a bay area mom accused of choking a student speaking out for the first time. what she has to say about not being charged yet. >>> and an 11-year-old girl from the bay area makes history on the links. we'll tell you how she fared in the first round of the women's u.s. open. >>> and a good thursday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. kris sanchez is on assignment. new developments in the crisis in iraq, as you just heard, during an nbc news special report, president obama says united states will send up to 300 mill advisers to iraq and set up joint operation centers. but he reiterated the u.s. will not extend ground troops into the country. >> i want to emphasize, though, that the best and most effective response to a threat like isil wi
actually is receiving that honor for his valor in afghanistan. we are waiting on that. you're seeing pictures there. but colonel jack, unpack a little bit of what you heard from the president today. you still did get questions from the gallery about whether or not we are creeping and whether there could be missions people, military missions. but what i thought i heard was absolutely we are not doing a combat mission. what did you hear? >> there are going to be combat missions, but they're not going to be done by combat forces. when people think about boots on the ground, they're thinking about the first armor division, the 82nd airborne division, large formations of troops. we are having troops on the ground. as a matter of fact, the president said we're going to send another 300. you can expect there will be more than 300 additional, but these will be special forces to do training, special operations forces. troops to help the iraqis plan to conduct counterterrorism, to train, to take back those areas that are currently under isis control. there's a lot of information in what he sai
to afghanistan, we have to shift to make sure that we have coverage in the middle east and north africa. you look at a country like yemen, a very impoofierishes country, and one that has its own ethnic divisions, there's -- we do have a committed partner. and we have developed their capacities without putting large troops on the ground. at the same time, we have enough counter terrorism capabilities that we are able to go after folks that may try to hit our embassy, or may be trying to export terrorism into europe, or the united states. looking at how we can create those will be part of the solution. but in order to do that, we still need to have governments on the ground that we can partner with. and that we have some confidence are going to pursue the political policies. in yemen, for example, a wide ranging national dialog that took a long time, but helped to give people a sense that there is a legitimate outlet for grievances. going back to where you see prime minister amallky playing a role, you said that it is a time to rise above differences that there's a need for more inclusive governmen
. >>> meanwhile, in afghanistan, taliban suicide bombers attacked a nato outpost there today. dozens of trucks were destroyed. officials saying the attack happened near a compound near the pakistani border. more than 30 trucks and other supplies were destroyed in the following explosions. nato using that border crossing to resupply its troops in afghanistan. >>> in pakistan, tens of thousands of people who live in the north are now leaving their homes trying to avoid a military campaign. the army targeting anti--government fighters. owe storm uh-huhmore from the pe many are now heading. >> reporter: they left on foot when no help arrived and bombs kept falling around them. these are some of the thousands of residents of the tribal area trying to reach safety. pakistan's military says it will continue its operation until the last fighter is fleshed out. he and his seven children have sought refuge in this school. he's worried about those left behind and angry at the lack of preparation. >> translator: there is no food. the government didn't make any plans. we have been suffering for months. our
-- have been solely devoted to afghanistan last decade, we have to make a shift into the middle east and north africa. you look at it, -- country like yemen, a very impoverished country, and one that has its own sectarian or ethnic divisions. there we do have a committed partner in the president and his government. and we have to develop their capacities without putting large numbers of u.s. troops on the ground. tothe same time, we have have enough counterterrorism capabilities to go after folks that might be trying to hit our embassy, or might be trying to export terrorism into europe or the u.s. can create at how we more of those models is going to be part of the solution in dealing with both syria and iraq . but in order for us to do that, we actually still need to have actual government on the ground that we can partner with. we have some -- and that we have some confidence that they will pull -- pursue political objectives on the ground. the dialogue on the ground helped to give people a sense that there is a legitimate political outlet for the grievances they may have. seeoing
of the assets that have been devoted solely to afghanistan, we have to shift to make sure that they have coverage in the middle east and you look at the country like yemen, you look at a country and one that has it's own country, there is we do have a committed partner and we have been able to help to develop their capacities without putting large numbers of u.s. troops on the ground at the same time as we got enough ct or counter terrorism capabilities that might be trying to expoverexpofrrt terrorism into the united states. looking at how we can create more of those models can be part of the solution. in order for us to do that we need to have actual governments for us on the ground. we have confidence that we are going to pursue the political policies for example, a wide ranging national dialogue that took a long time that helped to give people a sense of legitimate political outlet for grievances that they may have. is he a unifier and how much clout does the united states have with any of the leadership with iraq at this point? we still provide him with significant assistance. unlik
of the assets that have been devoted solely to afghanistan over the last decade, we to shift to make sure we have coverage in the middle southeast and north africa. you look at a country like yemen, a very impoverished country, and one that has its own sectarian or ethnic divisions, will is -- we do have a committed partner and we have been able to help to develop their capacities without putting large numbers of u.s. troops on the ground. at the same time as we got muff c.t., counterterrorism capabilities, we able to go after folks that may try to hit our embassy or might be trying to export terrorism in a europe or the united states. and looking at how we can create more of those models is going to be part of the solution in dealing with syria and iraq. in order for us to do that, we still maid to have actual governments on the ground that we can partner with. and we have some confidence that we are going to pursue the political policies and inclusive must in yemen, for example, that a wide-ranging national dialogue that took a long time but help give people is a sense that will is a legit
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